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That’s good, Spotify :)

Some time ago I wrote a small post about Spotify update to the interface and how they moved repeat button to the hamburger menu. One month after they have changed it back. It seems like it was kinda A/B testing and I was unlucky to be one of its participants. Anyways it’s nice to see that Spotify team is not stopping in UI improvements and constantly testing new UI/UX solutions.

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That’s not good, Spotify :(

A few days ago Spotify made the same UI mistake as Apple did after updating Apple Music sometimes ago. They got rid of controls from the main screen where you listen to music.

That’s how it looked a few days before this post:

As you can see Add to Playlist, Shuffle, Repeat Album/Repeat Song are on the same screen. It is very convenient to have all these controls on one screen because it doesn’t require any other actions to use them. Especially a Repeat button, which is a crucial feature for me.

And what we see right now: Repeat button is moved to the Hamburger Menu. Shuffle button was moved to the right and on the left side designers put Add to Library button. In turn, the hamburger menu was moved to the right top corner. Maybe they have made these changes because they want to clean up the interface of the Player Screen and hide two additional features. Also, we don’t know any data about how people are using Add to Library and Repeat buttons inside Spotify. Seems like they want to encourage people to discover new music and add it to their playlists.

I think that is a bad decision to hide any of these UI controls: Repeat, Add to Library, Shuffle. People are always using them, and any changes can make user experience worse.

When Apple did almost the same thing – they moved repeat and shuffle buttons under a Player View. In other words, it does not fit a viewport of the device.

This is the look of Apple Music interface.

As you can see all to get access to additional controls you have to scroll.

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